Stone Circles

Stone circles in Britain marked a move away from henges of circular banks and ditches. They were only widely surveyed for the first time by Alexander Thom and some of his surveys are provided here. Thom's geometrical ideas for these circles, whilst still contested, provide clear evidence of advanced horizon astronomy, "sacred" geometry and landscape geodesy often linking sites. Arguments as to whether ropes were used or whether alignments really existed prove fatuous unless based on efforts to understand such ancient skills without prejudice.

Drone Flight by Iain Petrie

Long Meg and her Daughters by Drone from Iain Petrie on Vimeo.

Alexander Thom L1 / 7 Class III Survey

Construction: Type B flattened circle (Li/7). Diameter 359 ft = 131.9 my. Perimeter 390.0 my = 156.0 mr. The flow of the earth down the slope may have displaced the stones, leaving the more deeply set stones slightly behind. Long Meg as seen from the construction centre indicates the setting midwinter Sun and seen from the same centre the stones at Little Meg (Li/8) indicate the Sun rising at May Day/Lammas.

Long Meg

Alexander Thom Site Plan from BAR
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