Alexander Thom L2/14     Class III Survey

Construction: Type A flattened circle but stones all fallen. Diameter 14 3. ft 52.5 my. Perimeter 160.7 my =64.3 mr. Diameter obviously uncertain.


Site Planby Alexander Thom
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Aubrey Burl (Westmorland 3)

This ring, whose stones are nearly all fallen, lies on level ground at 270 m O.D., 1 1/4 miles E of Orton and 6| miles SE of Shap. All but one of the stones are reddish, coarse-grained granite erratics of which there are plenty in the neighbourhood. The other stone is a local limestone boulder.

The ring, about 146 x 123 ft (44.5 x 37.4 m) is flattened at the SSW. Originally it may have had as many as 42 stones but today many of them have been dragged away to a drystone wall at the S. There are traces of a low bank on the circumference, and there may possibly have been an entrance at the SE.

About i862 the whole area was ploughed, 2 or 3 stones were buried and some others blasted. A slab of a probable sandstone cist was founfl and dumped against a NE stone. 2 worked flints were discovered.

From its architectural features this may have been quite an early stone circle of about 2000 be (c. 2520 BC).


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