Alexander Thom L2/10          Class III Survey

Construction: Concentric circles but without further excavation the diameters cannot be found accurately. They are about 50 ft and 102 ft.


Site Plane by Alexander Thom
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Aubreal Burl (Westmorland 4)

This concentric circle of low stones lies in a valley immediately by the M6 motorway, miles NNE of Shap, and 220 m SW of Gunnerwell farm.

It was built on a slight ridge. A few of the stones are of reddish granite but most of them are metamorphic in origin. All are local. The outer ring, about 30.5 m in diameter, has its 2 tallest stones at the N and another at the S. It is badly damaged at NW and NE.

The better preserved inner ring, about 14.6 m across, is of smaller stones and encloses a low mound. In this there was a cist.

There are several other stone circles within a few miles. The ring appears to belong to the later tradition of burial-circles* in CumUria but the 2 tall stones forming a N entrance are very like the Caries (LI/I) 20 miles to the W.


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