A. Thom. G4/12                                                         Class II Survey (1939)

Construction: Type A flattened circle. Diameter 54. 3 ft = 19. 9 my. Peri­meter 61.0 my = 24.4 mr. Note the remains of two other sites on a line at 296°.7f but no trace of these remained in 1950.

Cambret-Moor-West G4-12

A. Burl (Kirkcudbrigh 7, 8)

This ring stands on a stretch of level grassland just N of Englishman's Burn at a height of 150 m O.D. 1 3/4 miles E of Creetown.

A circle 54 ft 6 ins (16.6 m) across of 29 low, waterworn stones has a tall and thick pillar 6 ft 2 ins (1.9 m) high standing near its centre. Around its base and spread over the interior of the ring is an irregular layer of stones like cobbling. The circle-stones may be graded in height towards the ESE.


F. R. Coles, PSAS 29, 1894-5, 307-9.