A. Thom G4/2                                                                     Class HI Survey

Construction: Two upright stones surrounded by a low bank. This bank was carefully surveyed and turned out to be a type B flattened circle. Note the low upright flat slab on the cross axis. Bank diameter is about 32.4 ft. Note that the line of the two uprights shows the setting midwinter sun in one direction and the lunar declination at a major standstill in the other.

Thieves G4-2

A. Burl (-)

This strange site stands at a height of 210 mO.D. on a SW-facing hillĀ­side 4 miles N of Newton Stewart.

Two tall stones stand 14 ft 6 ins (4.4 m) apart. The NE stone is about 6 ft 8 ins (2 m) tall, the SW about 7 ft 4 ins (2.2 m). They stand at the inner edge of an irregular rubble bank about 32 ft 5 ins x 28 ft (9.9 x 8.5 m) in dimensions. Between the pillars on the long axis of the bank is a low thin slab. It is possible that the site once had a central cist which has now been removed.

The Thieves may be an aberrant version of a megalithic tomb, the tall stones representing the facade and the slab the remnant of a passage or chamber.


RCAHM- Kirkcudbright, no. 367.