A. Thom G3/7                                                                     Class II Survey

Construction: Type A flattened circle. Diameter drawn 68.6 ft but mean diameter about 69 ft = 25.3 my. Perimeter 77.5 my = 31.0 mr. Note that the line of the three outliers is probably solstitial.

Torhouse G3-7

A. Burl (Wigtown 5)

This splendid ring, in State care, stands at the edge of a low terrace at 30 m O.D. on the Machars 3 1/4 miles WNW of Wigtown. The 19 stones, rising in height towards the SE, stand on the circumference of a ring 69 ft 4 ins (21.1 m) in diameter. The stones are all of local granite. At the centre of the circle are 3 rounded boulders, the 2 larger flanking a smaller stone in an arrangement reminiscent of a recumbent and its flankers. Extending to the NW from this setting is a D-shaped rubble bank which may be a form of internal ring-cairn.

400 ft (120 m) to the E at the head of a slight rise (NX 384 5 6 5) is a short row of 3 boulders rising in height towards the SW. A reported stone circle at NX 382566 no longer exists.


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For G3/13, see page 370.