A. Thom B7/16                                                                   Class III Survey

Construction: Concentric circles. Outer circle diameter 113.2 ft =41.6 my. Perimeter 130.6 my = 52.3 mr. Inner circle type A flattened diameter 66.8ft = 24.5 my. Perimeter 75.1 my = 30.0 mr. Note the 9 ft stone in the SW quadrant.

Farr West B7-16

A. Burl (Inverness 26)

This Clava ring-cairn lies in a marshy hollow near the R. Nairn at a height of 200 m O.D. 7 miles S of Inverness.

The stone circle is in fair condition. Seven stones of a ring with perhaps 11 stones originally still stand on the circumference of a circle 113 ft 2 ins (34.5 m) in diameter. The stones are graded in height towards the SW where the tallest pillar, about 9 ft (2.7 m) stands.

Well inside the ring are the greatly ruined stones of a ring-cairn. It measures about 66 ft 9 ins (20.4 m) across with kerbstones graded towards the SSW. There is little sign now of the open central space.

A fallen kerb lying against a tall kerbstone at the SSW has over 30 cup- marks on it. If, as seems likely, it has fallen outwards then the carvings would originally have been hidden from view. The decorated kerbstone may have been set up in line with the maximum moonset.


A. S. Henshall, Chambered Tombs of Scotland, I, 1963, 385.