A. Thom
B7/12                                                                  Class II Survey

Construction: Concentric circles. Outer circle diameter drawn 76.0 ft. Inner circle is a type A flattened circle. Diameter 43.0 ft = 15.8 my. Perimeter 48.3 my = 19.3 mr.

Aviemore B7-12

A. Burl (Inverness 1)

This fine ring-cairn, now shabbily situated in a housing estate, stood on level ground in the Spey valley at a height of 210 m O.D. It is on the northern outskirts of Aviemore.

In 1877 7 stones still stood in the outer circle, graded in height towards the SSW and 76 ft in diameter (23.2 m). Now there are only 4 with 1 fallen at the SSE.

Inside the ring are the graded kerbstones of a ring-cairn 43 ft (13.1 m) across. They have been laid with their smoother surfaces facing outwards. Most of the cairn material has been removed and only the tops of 1 or 2 stones lining the central space can be seen.


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