A. Thom S4/2         Class II Survey

Construction: Type B flattened circle. Diameter 91.1 ft = 33.5 my .Perimeter 99.0 my = 39.6 mr.

Kingston Russell S4-2

A. Burl (Dorset 2)

This ruined ring stands on the crest of a hill at 190 m O.D., 7 miles WSW of Dorchester and 2 miles N of Abbotsbury. All the stones are fallen.

The stones, all local, are of sarsen or of conglomerate. Originally there were between 14 and 18 around the circumference of a ring 91 ft (27.7 m) in diameter but it is now impossible to decide which of the fragments are bases and which are broken upper fragments. They show no sign of shaping. Al­though it cannot be certain it seems that this ring was graded in height with the tallest stones at the north.

A stone is supposed to have been added to the ring in recent years.


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