A. Thom S2/2         Class III Survey

Construction: Ring and standing stone. A flattened circle, Type B, Diameter 67.4 ft = 24.8 my. Perimeter 73.2 my =29.3 mr. There is an outlier at 181.5o.

Merrivale S2-2

A. Burl (Devon 26)

This ring of tiny stones stands at 290 m O.D. to the north of King's Tor. It is in rough pasture 4\ miles E of Tavistock, 1/4 mile S of main A384 road. Just to its north are the two famous Merrivale double rows of stones.

Eleven evenly-spaced stones of local granite, the highest at the W only 0.6 m tall, stand on the perimeter of a ring 67 ft 5 ins x 58 ft 5 ins (20.5 x 17.8 m) in diameter. One little stone stands 20 metres from the NE arc and a tall outlier, 3 metres high, rises S of the ring with 3 smaller stones extend­ing E of S from it. There is a prostrate stone (2.1m long) 10 m away. This was re-erected in 1895 and has since fallen again.

Several pits have been found near the circle, up to 0.5 m deep but only a single flint flake was found in one.


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