A. Thom Sl/16        Class in Survey

Construction: Type A flattened circle. Diameter 71.5 ft = 26.3 my. Perimeter 80.4 my = 32.1 mr.

Botallack S1-16

A. Burl (Cornwall 20a)

This well-preserved ring stands at 167 m O.D. at the edge of an open common 11/4 miles NE of St. Just, It is overlooked by Carn Kenidjaek.

Once there were two adjacent circles here but the westernmost of the pair was finally destroyed in 1961 when the ground was cleared and ploughed. It was about 20 m in diameter.

The eastern ring is 71 ft 7 ins (21.8 m) in diameter and once had about nineteen stones of local undressed granite on its circumference. There is no record of an excavation. The short axis is 68 ft 1 0 ins (21.0 m).

The circle is sometimes known as the Tregeseal Dancing Stones from the belief that the stones were people petrified for dancing on the Lord's Day.


G. F. Tregelles, VCH Cornwall I, 385-6.