A. Thom Sl/8 Class II Survey

Construction: Type A Flattened Circle. Diameter 139,7 ft = 51.3 my.

Perimeter 157. 0 my = 62. 8 mr. Here again the relatively small size of the stones and the fact that the drawn ring passes through these makes it possible to be quite certain that we have interpreted the geometry correctly.

Dinnever Hill S1-8

A. Burl (Cornwall 16)

This large ring, a mile west of Fernacre (Sl/7) stands at 250 m O.D. at the NW corner of Bodmin Moor, 2-| miles SE of Camelford.

Like Fernacre it is composed of many stones, all of local granite, none more than about a metre in height. The tallest are at the south of the circumference. The ring stands on a slope falling away to the NW,

There are early reports of a fallen stone near the centre and of an outlier standing 25 ft (7.6 m) to the NNE of the ring which measures 139 ft 8 ins by 132 ft 10 ins (42,7 x 40.5 m) in size.

There are many prehistoric hut circles in the vicinity.


G. F. Tregelles, VCR Cornwall I, 1906, 395-6.