A. Thom Si/7 Class II Survey

Construction: Type D Flattened Circle. Diameter 150.7 ft = 55.4 my. Perimeter 170.7 my = 68.3 mr, The small size of the stones relative to the diameter make it possible to be quite certain that we have got the geometry correct and it is in fact Type D.

Rough Tor S1-7

A. Burl (Cornwall 7)

This ring stands on a pronounced slope on Roughtor, Bodmin Moor, 2 1 '4 miles SE of C.rmeJford, at a height of 280 m O.D. It is surrounded by high ground and offers only limited views.

like its neighbourt Stannon, CSi/8) a mile to the west, it is a very large

ring 151 x 142 it (46 x 43 m), and has very many stones, none more than 4 ft 6 ins (i .4 m) in height. There are over 70 local granite stones in the circle, 39 still standing.

There are two fallen stones near the centre of the ring but there is no sign of a low outlier reported to have stood 155 ft (47 m) from the east perimeter of the circle.

Approximately midway between this site and Stannon to its west are the ruins of another stone circle, 44 m in diameter, at SX 132794.


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