A. Thom Sl/3 Class in Survey

Construction: Type A Flattened Circle. Diameter 38.2 ft = 14.0 my. Perimeter 42.9 my = 17.2 mr.

Duloo S1-3

A. Burl (Cornwall 6)

This little ring stands behind a farm in Duloe village, on a long level ridge at 125 m O.D. The land fails to the west. 39 x 37 ft (11.9 x 11.3 m) across, the circle is composed on eight large stones, the tallest, 2.6 m high, standing at the south.

Other Cornish circles have granite stones but granite outcrops could be found only several miles from Duloe where the local stone is brittle clay slate. The Duloe ring was built of massive quartz pillars. Their origin is uncertain but as the biggest weighs about 12 tons their transportation to this elevated situation must have been difficult.

The circle was restored about 1863 and some stones may not be in their correct position. The large stone at the north was broken and only the stump of the SE stone remains. At the base of the NNE stone a Cornish ribbon- handled urn, smashed by the workmen, was found, filled with human bones which fcrumbled in the airf. Much charcoal is reported to have lain underĀ­neath the turf.


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