A. Thom D2/1 Class IE Survey

Construction: Type A flattened circle. Diameter 93. 3 ft = 34. 3 my. Perimeter 104.9 my = 41 .9 mr.

Mitchells Fold D2-1

A. Burl (Shrops 2)

The ring stands in a dry heathland at the SW end of Stapeley Hill within a few miles of the Late Neolithic-Early Bronze Age stone axe factory of Cwm-Mawr. It is 5 miles NW of Lydham at a height of 330 m O.D.

Its doleritic stones came from Stapeley Hill less than 2 miles to the east. Many of them are now fallen. Those that stand range in height from 0.25 to 1.9 m, and stand in a ring 93 ft (28.4 m) in diameter. The tallest is at the SE.

24 m to the SE is a weathered cubical block on a small cairn.

There is a questionable tradition that there was once a central stone in the ring.


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