A. Thom Dl/9   Class II Survey

Construction: Type A flattened circle. Diameter 54.2 ft = 19.9 my. Perimeter 60.9 my = 24.4 mr.

Moscar Moor D1-9

A. Burl (Derby 18)

The ring stands at 300 m O.D., on level ground on Hordron Edge, 2 miles NNE of Bamford and \\ miles NE of Castleton.

It is unusual for a Peak District ring inasmuch as it has no bank or central burial mound. Ten standing stones of local millstone grit remain of a ring which may have consisted of up to 26 stones. It is about 54 ft (16.5 m) in diameter. There are many fallen stones on its circumference.


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