A. Thorn Dl/7 Class III Survey
Construction: Type B flattened circle. Diameter 47.7 ft = 17.52 my. Perimeter 51. 8 my = 20.7 mr,
 Bar Brook D1-11

A. Burl (Derby 3)

The ring stands on a slight slope on Ramsley Moor at 300 m O.D. It is 2 miles SE of Nether Padley and 1 mile S of Barbrook Reservoir. It is a characteristic Peak District embanked stone circle. The 12 small stones of local millstone grit stand around the inner edge of a worndown bank 3 m wide and 0.6 m high. It encloses an area 44 ft (13.4 m) in diameter. The tallest stone, 1 m high, is at the SW. There may originally have been a thirteenth stone at the NE where there is now a gap.
There are outlying stones, about 40 m away, at the ESE, SE and WNW.
Just before 1939 two large trenches were dug across the site by the Duke of Rutland's gamekeeper but no finds are recorded.


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