A. Thom Dl/8   Class II Survey

Construction: Type B flattened circle. Diameter 86.8 ft= 31.9 my. Perimeter 94.3 my = 37. 7 mr.
Owler Bar D1-8

A. Burl (Derby 5)

The ring stands at 300 m O.D. on a flat ridge overlooking the Barbrook valley, 2 miles ESE of Nether Padley.

The 21 stones stand in a ring 86 ft 9 ins (26.4 m) in diameter around the inner edge of a rubble bank about 30 x 27 m across. There is a possible entrance at the SW. There is no sign of a central mound.


J. Barnatt. The Stone Circles of the Peak, 1978. 114-5.