Hosted by Howard Crowhurst, who has lived in Brittany and studied the megaliths around the Carnac area for decades, Anthony Blake shot this film of the DuVersity's Enchanted Albion Tour in 2004.


Gavrinis Island has a large Cairn within which the finest megalithic art is to be found, on most of 28 its upright stones, these used to create a corridor and end chamber. The Sun and Moon, at their (independent) extreme positions on the southeastern horizon, shine into the corridor and illuminate its end chamber with their light. The stones appear to manifest a type of technical notation associated with the design of megalithic monuments and the observation of astronomical phenomena involving these. The engraved stones are variously weathered and used to be outdoors before their reuse within the corridor and chamber around 3,500 BC, and the cairn was sealed by 3,000 BC, so the Knights Templar entered its top but only saw the (engraved) upper side of the roof slab, itself related, as part of the Er Grah Grand Menhir, to the Lochmariquer complex 4Km west (see my other youtube video)

Locmariaquer, Le Menec and the Alignments

This film reveals some of the most significant features of one of the world's most significant megalithic sites, dated 4000+ BCE. The three main components are the "Grand Menhir" (Er Grah), the Tumulus de Er Grah and a Dolmen called Table des Marchands, at Locmariaquer near Carnac Brittany France. The Enchanted Albion Tour also included Chartres, Mont St Michell, Stonehenge, Avebury, Edinburgh, and Orkney megaliths. *Howard Crowhurst is an English speaking expert who has lived near Carnac for many decades and helps organise events at

For more on Gavrinis and Lochmariaquer and their importance for understanding the  achievements of megalithic astronomy and their role in establishing the number sciences of the ancient Near East, please read my book Sacred Number and the Lords of Time