Book CoverJohn Neal by John Neal, Secret Academy: London, 2000


This is Neal's extrapolation into the structure underlying Historical Metrology. John Michell wrote the first book on what came to be called Ancient Metrology (1981), a slim volume in which two of the key ratios found within the ancient model of the earth (440:441 & 175:176, deducable from monuments such as Stonehenge) were not yet integrated. It fell to Neal to realise that a two dimensional grid of these ratios explained the majority of historical measures as belonging to a set of rational modules each rationally related to the English foot, chosen to represent one or unity for the ancient system of measure. All manner of Berriman's and other insights connecting historical measures fell into place. Much of my own work on monuments reported here and in my later books derives from this system which then gives insight into the numerical sciences so as to reveal an intellectual life of either unrecorded cultures, such as the megalithic, or where the ancient world failed to write down secrets or writings have failed to survive. 

There is a project underway to collect and publish John Neal's other essays upon metrology into what looks like being a set of three volumes, the first of which called Ancient Metrology Vol I: A Numerical Code - Metrological Continuity in Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age Europe (2016) is now available.