edited by Iain Morely and Colin Renfrew, CUP: Cambridge, 2010

MorelyRenfrew AoMSaburo SugiyamaThis was a fabulous book for me in its article on the sacred precinct of Teotihuachan where Saburo Sugiyama (pictured) gives detailed conclusions about a Teoti Measurement Unit equal to 83 cm, this meticulously deduced from the main steps on pyramids. Along the Road of the Dead, the centres of Sun and Quetzalcoatl pyramids yielded 1440 TMU (actually 1439.75). many other measures of interest to the Maya calendar inherited (from the Olmec) involve the Tzolkin of 260 days and eclipse half year, in TMUs. Unfortunately Sugiyama cannot recognise an old world measure of the megalithic yard as the TMU (83cm = 2.723 ft very close to Alexander Thom's estimate at Avebury of 2.723 ft, within one 76th of an inch), perhaps because the New World is not allowed, in the current archaeological model of history, to have gained its measures (or pyramids, astronomy, sacred geometry, myths, etc..) from the Old World. see Measures section especially .

There are many excellent papers on other matters which make this volume very attractive for further research.