Robin Heath

Robin at Dolmen Llech y Drybedd 540

Robin is author, fellow megalithic researcher and my brother. He lives in West Wales and is a particular specialist in Stonehenge, British alignments, West Wales megalithic and Alexander Thom.


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Title Created Date
Heath, Robin 04 April 2014
Alexander Thom: Cracking the Stone Age Code 05 April 2014
Bluestone Magic 05 April 2014
Sun, Moon and Earth, Heath (Robin): 1999-2006 05 April 2014
A Story of Three Similar Triangles 29 September 2015
Robin Heath on the 364 day 'Saturnian' Year 23 August 2016
Proto STONEHENGE in Wales 09 September 2016
The Measure of Albion: Lost Science of Prehistoric Britain (2004) 09 September 2016
Temple in the Hills (2016) 09 September 2016