Shifting sands, presenting my working methods whilst illustrating the emergent character of meaning.


Having just written a "part one" about the terminal stones of its southern kerb, that is only one of many "features in the making", but , with monuments, I have recently been driven by radii in recent weeks.

So that locates a lunar fathom. At Le Manio there were clearly two day-inch counts, one for three solar years and another for four years. Four years is a convenient length since an extra whole day is resolved to make 1461 days over four years. But equally, it could also have been (or also been been used as) a single solar year using four inches per day, as per the lunar fathom. The beauty of that fathom is its capacity to count days whilst maintaining a natural fathom-count, of lunar months. If so the excess of solar year over lunar year would be 4 x 10.875 inches. Strangely, when Robin and I were surveying Le Manio in 2010, we made a four-square structure at the end of the southern kerb - which is where the "four-year" count would have arced down, like the three-year count (see below). A small stone is set beyond the three year count to likely signify the end of the four year count.


Four square shape placed at end of southern kerb