by Robin Heath, Bluestone: Cardigan, 2007


Letter to Robin Heath from Aubrey Burl
endorsing this book in 3 October, 2007

Dear Robin,

Very many thanks for your excellent Alexander Thom: Cracking Stone Age. It arrived quite late and I instantly began rereading it. You have written an extremely useful biography of an exceptional man. Thanks also for the ANL.


For my part I am glad that I was able to help him archeologically when none of my colleagues seemed to offer little more than polite interest or complete disdain. Although Colin Renfrew did congratulate me in finding an outlet for Thom's outstanding plans of stone circles.


And it was fortuitous that when the Thoms were making arrangements to go to Carnac without good plans I was able to send him two from German colleagues that were extremely detailed.



Given all that that he achieved for megalithic studies, 'awakening sleepers from their slumbers', remarked Richard Atkinson in another context, it is sad, as you say, that no university seems interested in a degree course devoted to his attainments. So I trust that Cracking the Code will provide a counter-balance to that willful prejudice. I wish the book every success and hope that it in its turn may disturb some of the somnolent Rip van Winkles of prehistoric studies.

Yours most sincerely,

Aubrey Burl