Burl MegalithicBrittany cover 200by Aubrey Burl


Brittany is a megalithic wonderland. Not only at Carnac, with its famous stone rows, but all over the north-west peninsula of France there are standing stones, chambered tombs, alignments and stone circles, both contemporary with and earlier than Stonehenge and Avebury.

Aubrey Burl spent long periods in the field, visiting and studying the hundreds of sites listed here. In a text that is characteristically as entertaining as it i􀀟 informative and scholarly, he describes the architecture and archaeology of the monuments, and considers why they were built, providing a new analysis of their orientation. This original and readable guidebook also includes a detailed gazetteer, two-colour maps pinpointing each site and abundant photographs and line drawings.

Aubrey Burl was from 1970 to 1980 Principal Lecturer in Prehistory, Hull College of Higher Education. He is one of the world's leading authorities on prehistoric stone circles and his book, The Stone Circles of the British Isles ( 1976) is the standard work on the subject.

His other publications include Prehistoric Avebury (1979) and
Rites of the Gods ( 1981 ).

'A first-rate guidebook to the megaliths ... well judged in its interests, balanced in coverage, and shrewd in its opinions ... a fine and welcome book'

- The Times Lilerary Supplement

'Will now be the standard guidebook in English to the Breton megaliths ... should be in every megalith hunter's knapsack'

- Popular Archaeology